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About us
Our Team
That's our team, that 's our family

CRCF is not a large group, but a small team with about 20 members and a large number of volunteers. Almost everybody from the team feel like we are a family as we spent the most time, not with our family, but with our colleagues. And we are a team with the same dream, same target, and our ambitious is to become one of the best team in the charity society of China. We are still working on it!

See, that 'sour team! That 's our family!

Selected team activities

Apr. 2008 Welcome meeting for the newcomers

Jan. 2008 New Year Party

Nov. 2007 Capability Expanding Training

May, 2007 Tour to Shaoshan, Hunan Province

Feb. 2007 Annual Party of Spring Festival

Apr. 2006 Mountain Climbing Competition

April 2008 Welcome meeting for the newcomers

New members is welcomed to join CRCF

January,2008 New Year Party

Everyone was busy searching others baloons,haha!

Chorus called "the same with you",the song of our organazation

November 2007 Capability Expanding Training

We won the first game, Woo-woo!

What about this pose? We are the team called "Eastern Lion"

Brave boy in the game, excellent!

The thriller program in the training

The "Loin" team finished the training firstly, congratulations!

With the help of teachers, the first staff was sent to the top of the

Wall by all other staff's hands

Well done! The last staff was be pulled up to the top of the wall

We, all, only use less than 30 minutes to reach the top of the wall

May,2007 Tour to Shaoshan, Hunan Province

Picture before the home of Chairman Mao with the vice chairman of the China Red Cross (Middle)

February 2007 Auunl Party of Spring Festival

Sign language dance "Love"


April 2006 Mountain Climbing Competition

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