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What We've Done
What We've Done

The Chinese Red Cross Foundation was registered in 1996, but its development has rocketed in the past three years with the appointment of a new management board. Since the change in 2005, the foundation has achieved dramatic increases in fund raising, project execution, and brand building.


Fund-raising statistics starting from year 2005


Total Value
of Annual

Grow Rate
to the

Total Annual

































Sponsored Statistics (project based)


Major achievements

Number of village
clinics or town
hospitals newly

Number of village doctors free trained

Number of village teachers free trained

Number of poor families received subsidies to support their medical treatment

Number of primary schools established

Number of book shelf set up

Number of poor university students received grants

Number of blind prople free trained

Number of Red Cross first-aid stations built




































middle schools)




































Year 2012

On Jan. 4th, the CRCF appropriated 9.54 million Yuan as the first batch of subsidy of the 2012 Little Angel State Lottery Public Welfare Fund Project, used to provide medical aid to 309 children with leukemia from poor families in 19 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) in China.

On Mar. 6th, the CRCF convened a grant review meeting of the Little Angel Fund in Beijing, which passed the decision to aid 200 more children with leukemia in 2012. Together with the 803 children who were decided in the 2011 review meeting but not yet completely aided, there were 1030 sick children would accept medical aid in this year.

On Mar. 23rd, the CRCF launched a large scale public welfare activity called “Spring Rain Action---2012 Starting Off Again”, appealing caring people from all parts of society to extend their hands, helping victims in the disaster areas in Yunnan to dig wells and delivering living materials in urgent needs, such as water, food and money, to these areas.

On Mar. 29th, the “Spring Rain Action---2012 Starting Off Again” appropriated 1 million Yuan as the first batch of drought-relief funds to the RCSC’s Yunnan Branch, used to build small and middle scale hydro projects in the extremely or severely drought-stricken areas.

On May 16th, the CRCF and the Center for Civil Society Studies in Peking University jointly published ”The Strength of Alliance-Evaluation Report of CRCF-Sponsored Public Bidding Projects for the Reconstruction of Wenchuan Earthquake-Hit Area” .

On May 27th, the 2012 Smile Angel Fund Annual Charity Dinner of the CRCF was held in Beijing. The Dinner raised 54.6 million Yuan in total, which reached a new highest record of fundraising through charity dinners by the Smile Angel Fund.

On Jun. 5th, “the Red Cross Angel Program --- Eastern Angel Fund”, sponsored jointly by the CRCF and Shandong Yantai Meiyi Import & Export Co. Ltd, was officially formed in Beijing. Its purpose was to help children with severe aplastic anemia from poor families.

From Aug. 10th to 19th, six organizations, including the Cui Yongyuan Public Welfare Fund (sub-fund with the CRCF), the Tencent Foundation, Our Free Sky (OFS Volunteer Organization), Beijing Love Home Volunteer Workers Union, the China Tao Xingzhi Foundation, Beijing National Day School and Beijing No.4 High School, jointly hosted the 6th session of the “Love Flies” rural teacher training course. 111 rural teachers from 13 counties (cities), such as Fenghuang County and Longshan County, in Hunan Province attended the training course.

On Sept. 9th, after the 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in Yiliang County, Yunnan Province, the CRCF started the disaster relief emergency plan and delivered staff and materials to the disaster areas. The Happy Angel Fund immediately provided 1 million Yuan cash and 0.5 million Yuan infant food to the earthquake-affected areas in Yiliang.

On Nov. 12th, the latest China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI), issued by the China Foundation Centre, indicated that, during the 45th week of 2012, the CRCF got the full score of 129.4 points, ranked the first place with other eleven foundations, such as the Amity Foundation, the Shanghai charity Foundation and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation etc.

On Nov. 21st, the last batch of medical subsidy was appropriated to 50 children with leukemia, which indicated the completion of 2012 subsidy scheme of 69 million Yuan Little Angel Lottery Public Welfare Fund. 2170 poor children with leukemia from 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps were provided with medical aid.

On Nov. 29th, the Forbes Chinese Edition announced the “2012 China Charitable Fund List”. The CRCF got 92 points (100 in full), ranking the fourth in the list and the first among all the national public-raising foundations.

On Dec. 13th, the “2012 Sunshine Culture Fund (sub-fund with the CRCF) Public Forum and Charity Dinner” was held in Beijing. Jimmy Carter, former president of America, and his wife, Gary Faye Locke, American ambassador to China, and his wife, Yang Lan, president of the Sunshine Culture Foundation, and her husband attended. The Dinner raised 8.943 million Yuan by charity bazaar, which would be used for supporting the Sunshine Art Classroom Project introduced by the Sunshine Culture Foundation in 2013.

On Dec. 21st, the CRCF’s “Journey of Red Cross Volunteers --- Warm Yiliang Action” was honored with the Award of “2012 Annual Micro Public Welfare Communication Case of People’s Micro Public Welfare Award”.

Year 2011

On Jan. 10th, the tenth station of "Happy Angel Action"-Jiangxi station, launched by the Happy Angel Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) was started in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. This time, the Happy Angel Fund donated cash and Beingmate infant food of 6.3 million Yuan in total to the Jiangxi Branch of the RCSC.

On Jan. 11th, "the Red Cross Night - Li Yundi Piano Recital", which was sponsored by the RCSC and undertaken by the CRCF, was held at Zhongshan Music Hall in Beijing. Hua Jianmin, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the RCSC, Huang Mengfu, and Li Jinhua, deputy chairmen of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and other guests watched the performance. Mr. Hua Jianmin granted Mr. Li Yundi the title of "Caring Ambassador of Music".

On Jan. 12th, the report of "Hurun Best of the Best Awards 2011", announced by the Hurun Research Institute, showed that the CRCF was the most preferred charity foundation for the rich people. This was the second time the CRCF won such popularity subsequent to 2010's study.

On Jan. 24th, the distribution ceremony of 1 million Yuan winter-weight suppliers, which was donated by the Yumi Love Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) to the earthquake victims in Yushu, Qinghai province, was held in Xining, Qinghai province.

From Mar. 8th to 18th, a training class for ethnic minority village doctors under the Red Cross Angel Program was opened in Beijing. 100 village doctors representing 15 ethnic minorities in 6 provinces (regions) including Yunnan province attended. 13 of them were in fact discovered and taken photos for the CRCF's large-scaled public photography project named "Searching the Most Beautiful Village Doctors" in 2010.

On Mar. 24th, H.E. Tadeusz Chomicki, the Polish ambassador to China, accompanied by Liu Xuanguo, secretary-general of the CRCF, attended the opening ceremony of a "Sino-Polish Friendship" fraternity clinic in Baihua village of Jiange county , Guangyuan city, Sichuan province. The Polish Embassy had built 4 fraternity clinics in Guangyuan city.

On Apr. 28th, Shanxi station of the "Happy Angel Action", launched by the Happy Angel Fund was started. This time, the Happy Angel Fund donated money and materials of 6.5 million Yuan to the Shanxi Red Cross Society.

On May 5th, the Deaf Children Rehabilitation Training Program, subsidized by the Yumi Love Fund, was started in Beijing. Hei Dekun, vice secretary-general of the CRCF, and Li Yuchun, lifelong image spokesperson of the Yumi Love Fund attended the ceremony, on which the Yumi Love Fund appropriated 0.42 million Yuan to subsidize the first batch of 30 deaf children to attend the rehabilitation training.

On May 27th, the CRCF convoked two separate grant review meetings of Lottery Public Welfare Fund Project for the Little Angel Fund and the Angel & Sunshine Fund (two sub-funds with the CRCF). The meetings passed the subsidy scheme of 50 million Yuan lottery public welfare fund and 9 million Yuan social donations in 2011, and respectively decided to subsidize 1280 poor children with leukemia and 546 poor children with congenital heart disease.

From Jun. 2nd to 15th, an ethnic region village doctor training course and the fifteenth 5.12 earthquake-affected areas village doctor training course, named "Common Wish-Red Cross Angel Program", was held in Ningxia Medical University. 100 doctors from hospitals (clinics) in 22 counties (districts) in 5 cities in Ningxia province received training.

On Jul. 15th, the 6th China Charity Award Commendation Ceremony, organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, was held at the Great Hall of the People. The CRCF's "Spring Rain Action" was honored the "China Charity Awards-Most Influential Public Project".

On Sept. 5, , th, a donation ceremony of the Oral History Project of the Cui Yongyuan Public Fund (sub-fund with the CRCF) was held in Beijing, at which the project raised 5 million Yuan to sponsor the Chinese Entrepreneur Oral History Project and the establishment of Oral History Museum. Liu Xuanguo, secretary-general of the CRCF, Yang Wen, assistant secretary-general of the CRCF, Cui Yongyuan, a well-known anchorperson of CCTV and donors attended the ceremony.

On Sept. 23rd, a Smile Angel Fund medical team set off to Hainan province to carry out cleft lip and palate medical relief work. With help of the RCSC's Hainan Branch and the Hainan Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, the Smile Angel Fund performed free surgeries for 47 poor children with cleft lip and palate in 6 days.

From Nov. 2nd to 14th, the 2011 Ethnic Area Excellent Rural Teacher Training Program was held in Beijing. 108 excellent young rural teachers from 9 ethnic areas including Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia and Xinjiang received training, and took courses of sport, music, art, calligraphy, the Red Cross knowledge, national education, educational psychology etc. Hua Jianmin, chairman of the RCSC, Zhao Baige, executive vice-chairman of the RCSC, and Guo Changjiang, president of the CRCF visited the trainees during the training session.

On Nov. 28th, the Forbes Chinese Edition released the "2011 Forbes Chinese Charity Foundation Rank" in accordance with the major criterion of transparency. The CRCF received 94 points and won the third place of the rank.

On Dec. 1st, Faye Wang, a famous Chinese singer and initiator of the Smile Angel Fund, cooperated with the Germany International Philharmonic Orchestra, held the Smile Angel Fund 2012 New Year Charity Concert at the Chinese National Centre for the Performing Arts. The concert was to express gratitude to friends who joined hands with the Smile Angel Fund over the past 5 years, and hope to evoke more people's attention on charity through the influence of art.

On Dec. 23rd, after completing the approval procedure, the CRCF officially announced to join the "Nine Codes of Conduct in Public Welfare and Commercial Cooperation", and would apply and implement the codes as a guide in daily operation.

On Dec. 26th, the CRCF appropriated 230,000 Yuan as medical subsidies to the last batch of children with leukemia, indicating the successful completion of the 2011 subsidy scheme of the Little Angel Fund. In this year, 1301 poor children with leukemia from 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) received medical aid. The total amount appropriated was more than 40.09 million Yuan, over fulfilled this year's subsidy plan.

On Dec. 29th, the China Charity Information Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs released the 2011 China Charity Transparency Report and ranked the CRCF at the fourth place of the list.


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