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Setting up Ceremoney of Chinese KFC Restaurant Health Fund
Dec, 18th, 2007

Nov 8th,2007, CRCF and KFC cooperated together to set up "KFC Catering Health Fund" in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Deputy Secretary General- Mr. Liu Xuanguo attended the ceremony (right)

Since China's reform and opening up, there has been a great change in people's living standards, not only food variety and nutrition ingredient become quite different, but also the rate of having meals at home is lower and more people depend on dining hall or canteens, and the trend is going up year after year. Meanwhile, many large-scale researches find that the average weight of Chinese people is gradually raising and chronic diseases relatively triggered year after year. People began to worry about the harm of unhealth dietting and pay more attention on how to make a health eating every day.
To be as the most famous catering brand, KFC has the responsbility and obligation to make health food and also call for people's attention on the significance on taking health diet. Therefore, KFC donates 100 million RMB to set up "KFC Catering Health Fund"to help some research on health catering.