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What We've Done

Year 2010

On Jan. 5th, the Little Angel Fund first received a 50 million Yuan lottery public welfare fund from government.

On Feb. 26th, the CRCF won the title of "National Advanced Social Organization", issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. As the only representative of all the award-winning foundations, Guo Changjiang, president of the CRCF, made a speech at the commending meeting of national advanced social organizations as well as the summary meeting of social organizations' thorough study and practice the Scientific Development Concept in the Great Hall of the People.

On Apr. 8th, both the Smile Angel Fund and Zhejiang Beingmate Co., Ltd, which was recommended by the CRCF, were honored with "the China Charity Award" in 2009, the highest honor from the government.

On May 6th, Harmonious Family Public Welfare Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) cooperated with Synutra International Inc. to subsidize the newborns after earthquake in Sichuan. About 2,200 families, which had given birth to newborns after earthquake, got donations. 23 ambassadresses in China sent their warm wishes.

On Jul. 7th, the CRCF appropriated the thirteenth batch of subsidies to 29 recipients, indicating the first 50 million Yuan Little Angel State Lottery Public Welfare Fund Project was successfully completed. 1615 poor children with leukemia from 30 provinces (cities, districts) got medical subsidies.

From Jul. 9th to 10th, the 3rd China-Europa Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was held at the campus of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai, themed "Comparative vision on Corporate Social Responsibility in China and Europe : challenges and methods". The CRCF and the CEIBS co-sponsored this forum. Guo Changjiang, president of the CRCF, attended and delivered a speech.

On Aug. 19th, the CRCF won the honorary , title of "National Heroes of Earthquake Relief Group" of Yushu, Qinghai province. Hao Linna, deputy chairwoman of the RCSC, and Liu Xuanguo, vice secretary-general of the CRCF attended the meeting, and accepted the "National Heroes of Earthquake Relief Group" medal on behalf of the CRCF.

On Sept. 6th, American Kingston Technology Company Inc. donated 3.5 million Yuan to the CRCF in Beijing, used for the mudslide disaster reconstruction work in Zhouqu, Gansu province. So far, the total contributions via the CRCF for Zhouqu had reached 19.29 million Yuan which consisted of more than 6,000 separate donations.

On Sept. 13th, the grant review meeting of the Little Angel State Lottery Public Welfare Fund Project was held in Beijing, which passed the 2010 subsidy scheme of 50 million Yuan state lottery public welfare fund, allowing subsidizing 1,600 poor children with leukemia.

On Oct. 17th, the CRCF together with Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment (China) Ltd. and Jinghua Times created the"Johnson -China Senior Care Fund", the 1st designated fund under the CRCF for the elder people.

On Nov. 4th, Maradona, one of the greatest football stars in the world, became an "Ambassador of Warmth" at the invitation of the CRCF. The signing ceremony was held in Radegast Hotel CBD Beijing. Guo Changjiang, deputy chairman of the RCSC and president of the CRCF, Wang Zhi, director of the CRCF, Liu Xuanguo, secretary-general of the CRCF and other leaders attended the ceremony.

From Nov. 25th to 29th, a public photography exhibition called the "Aigo -Searching for the Most Beautiful Village Doctors", which was Jointly-organized by the CRCF, China Photo Service of Xinhua News Agency and Aigo Digital Technology Co., was opened at Times Art Museum in Beijing. Hua Jianmin, deputy chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and chairman of the RCSC, Wang wei, executive deputy chairman of the RCSC, and Guo Changjiang, deputy chairman of the RCSC and president of the CRCF, visited the exhibition.

On Dec. 8th, the third "KFC Catering Health Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) academic annual meeting" and the "Food & Health" academic seminar, which were co-hosted by the CRCF and Yum! Brands Inc., assisted by Guangdong Nutrition Society, were successfully held in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Year 2009

On Mar. 3rd, the donation ceremony of the Angel Echo Fund was held at the RCSC Hotel. Beijing Edifier Company donated 1 million Yuan and announced to subsidize 30 deaf children. Tang Shengwen, executive vice president of the CRCF, and Liu Xuanguo, deputy secretary-general of the CRCF attended the ceremony.

On Mar. 19th at the General Hospital of Armed Police Forces, the CRCF hosted a press conference about the Little Angel Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) subsidizing a hundred of children with leukemia and the designated hospital listing ceremony, announcing to appropriate 1.92 million Yuan again to subsidize other 128 poor children with leukemia.

On May 8th, the Red Cross Angel Program was chosen to be one of the "twenty important historical events of Red Cross Society in one hundred years".

On Jun. 12th, the CRCF started to recruit supervision inspector in public.

On Jun. 19th, the CRCF's second training course of village doctors from the earthquake -affected areas began in Chengdu. One hundred village health station doctors from 11 counties (districts) of 4 disaster-affected cities including Mianyang, Leshan and Suining attended.

On Jul. 2nd, the CRCF's social supervision committee was formed in Beijing. Peng Peiyun, president of the RCSC, and Jiang Yiman, executive vice president of the RCSC received the supervision committee members and inspectors that openly recruited.

On Jul. 28th, the CRCF's third training course of village doctors from the earthquake-affected areas began in Kunming, Yunnan province. The one hundred trainees participated this time all came from village health stations in earthquake-affected areas and poor mountain areas, involving 80 counties (districts) of 20 cities in 3 provinces, of whom 40% were minorities.

On Aug. 12th, the CRCF announced to provide economic aid of 3 million Yuan for the Tainan regions in Taiwan that affected by the Typhoon Morakot, to help those disaster-affected compatriots to rebuild their home.

On Sept. 9th, at the first Ningxia international travel expo of culture and art, "the Red Cross Library鈥斺€擱entian Fund" donated books of 1.57 million Yuan to 45 city, county and township libraries, primary and secondary school libaries in Ningxia.

From Oct. 20th to 23rd, Wang Rupeng, executive vice president of the CRCF led a delegation to the Netherlands to attend the 29th International Fundraising Congress.

From Nov. 12th to 25th, the CRCF's fourth training course of village doctors from the earthquake-affected areas began in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. The one hundred trainees participated this time all came from village health stations in 5.12 earthquake-affected areas, involving 50 towns of 9 counties of 3 cities in Gansu. Lei Shumin, assistant to the secretary-general of the CRCF attended the opening ceremony.

On Dec. 18th, an annual charity dinner hosted by the Smile Angel Fund was held at Beijing Yintai Centre. Present leaders included SiMaYi YiMaiDi, vice chairman of the tenth NPC Standing Committee and honorary chairman of the CRCF, Wang Wei, executive deputy chairman of the RCSC, Guo Changjiang, Hao Linna and Wang Haijing, three other deputy chairmen of the RCSC, Wang Rupeng, executive vice president and secretary-general of the CRCF. That night raised 79.56 million Yuan in total.

Year 2008

In February, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) responded to the emergency call of the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) about snow disaster rescue, raising more than 6 million Yuan donations and appropriating 5.72 million Yuan to 11 hard-hit provinces and cities in three times.

The "Warm spring鈥斺€攍ove in Putian" charity auction night party, co-hosted by the CRCF, CCTV economical channel and the government of Putian, Fujian Province, held in Putian on Feb. 21st, raising 4.76 million Yuan for charity.

On Apr. 9th, the Little Angel Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) appropriated 0.6 million Yuan to subsidize 30 children with leukemia from poor families.

On Apr. 14th, the Red Cross Angel Program was rated as "the Most Influential Charity Project" in 2007 by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and honored with "the China Charity Award". Wang Rupeng, secretary-general of the CRCF, and other award-winning representatives were warmly received by Hui Liangyu, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier, in Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai, where locates the central government of China.

On Apr. 24th, Wang Rupeng, secretary-general of the CRCF, and Li Yapeng, initiator of the Smile Angel Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF), came to Beijing EverCare Medical Institute to visit the thousandth aid-receiving child with cleft lip and palate, and attended the "2008 China International Gallery Exposition" charity night party, which raised 2.68 million Yuan for the Smile Angel Fund.

On Apr. 29th, the CRCF was officially awarded as the 5A foundation, the highest rating, at the meeting of foundation evaluation work summary and awarding ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

On May 12th, an 8.0 magnitude earthquake happened in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. The CRCF immediately issued an urgent appeal to society through media, announced special accounts to collect social donations.

On May 14th, the CRCF received 10 million Yuan from Bank of China, 10 million Yuan from Huaxia Bank and 20 million Yuan from Shanxi Liansheng Group, meanwhile, appropriated a disaster relief fund of 10 million Yuan to Sichuan Red Cross Society and sent the first batch of relief suppliers of 4.89 million Yuan to Sichuan.

On May 16th, the CRCF received 12 million Yuan from Opple Lighting Company, and sent the second batch of relief suppliers of 8.57 million Yuan to Sichuan Red Cross Society.

On May 17th, the CRCF sent the third batch of relief suppliers of 6.655 million Yuan to Sichuan, decided to appropriate 10 million Yuan to the disaster affected areas in Sichuan, Gansu and Shanxi once again, and purchased and delivered drugs of 1.2 million as donors' requirement.

On May 19th, Jiang Yiman, executive vice president of the RCSC, went to Sichuan to inspect the earthquake disaster situation, accompanied by Wang Rupeng, secretary-general of the CRCF. At the same day, the CRCF sent the fourth batch of relief suppliers of 6.08 million Yuan to Sichuan Red Cross Society.

On May 24th, the CRCF invited Zhongwei Accounting Firm to supervise accept and appropriation process of donations for the "5.12" earthquake relief and audit accounts. The next day, Zhongwei Accounting Firm entered the CRCF, starting the audit work.

By the end of May 30th, the CRCF accepted social donations of 1.13 billion Yuan in total and appropriated more than 89 million Yuan to disaster-affected areas.

On Jun. 8th, Jiang Yiman, executive vice president of the RCSC, started a week long inspection of Tianshui, Longnan, and Gannan in Gansu province, accompanied by Wang Rupeng, secretary-general of the CRCF.

On Jun. 20th, the CRCF cooperated with Focus Wireless Media Technology Co., Ltd, launching the "love anytime and anywhere" earthquake relief action. The CRCF's wireless official website, I.L.CN formally opened, which was the first official wireless charity website in China.

On Jul. 29th, the CRCF was awarded "the Best Organization for Earthquake Relief", issued by the RCSC.

On Aug. 2nd, the CRCF held the first review committee meeting of "the open tender of 5.12 post-disaster reconstruction projects". The first 5 projects were approved by the committee.

On Aug. 23rd, Usain Bolt, the Olympic champion called "Jamaican flying man", donated 50 thousand dollars to the CRCF. It is the first donation that the CRCF received from a Beijing Olympic gold medalist.

On Sept. 6th, Wang Rupeng, secretary-general of the CRCF participated in the Paralympic torch relay in Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

On Sept. 20th, the CRCF was awarded the "Media Economy鈥斺€擲ocial Organization Contribution Award" by the Communication University of China and other units.

On, Dec. 12th, the grant review committee of the Angel Echo Fund (a sub-fund with the CRCF) was formed and held its first meeting in Beijing. The meeting decided to arrange 1.4 million Yuan to subsidize 28 deaf children.

On Dec. 19th, the CRCF's open tender for 5.12 post-disaster reconstruction projects was rated as one of "the ten most important events of social organizations in 2008" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Year 2007
-Held 10 charity biddings, including Smile Angel Charity Night Party in Shanghai, Charity bidding for the memory of the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong閿熸枻鎷穝 Return to China, and the Charity bidding of Cui Yong Yuan Fund. These raised over RMB 33 Million.

- Arranged 8 charity evening to raise fund of more than RMB 30 Million, e.g. "Fraternity China", "Angle in the world", "Love at Car Show", "Warm Spring" etc.

-Organized the Walk for the Olympics on May 12th and the Walk against AIDS on Dec. 2nd. Both attracted wide public attention, positive feedback, and good fund-raising results for the charity projects.
- Held 2 large forums. One was the CSR Forum in Sept., partnering with China News Weekly and the other was "Healthy Rural Life Forum" in Dec., which was co-founded by China Life Foundation and Peking University.

Year 2006
- Jan. 10th: "Charity Night" held with Hu Nan TV collected RMB 320,000.00, and the fund was used to cover the cost of the comparison testing for 580 Marrow Donor volunteers;

-Apr. 4th: In partnership with Jing Hua Times, one of the most popular newspapers in Beijing, Jiang Hua Angle Action" was published. It was a proposal to encourage the public to give donations to set up up village clinics in remote areas. As a result of the announcement, China Red Cross Foundation collected 1.78 Million RMB in funds and used it to build up 23 village clinics nationwide.

- May. 10th: BTV (Beijing TV) set up a sub-fund in CRCF with about RMB 600,000.00 to support 12 Leukemia kids;
- Sept. 26th: A special program, developed together with CCTV, was created to raise funds to build 10 village clinics and 100 sets of bookshelf in Taihang Mountain Area of Shanxi province;
- Dec. 26th: Smile Angle Fund held a charity night party raised about RMB 12 Million, which will all be used to help the poor kids suffering from Cleft Lip and Palate.

Year 2005
- May 26th: Announcement of the "Fraternity Study-Aid Program", which is to build up schools, supply classrooms with books, and help poor university students from the rural area; the first sponsor of the program was Tianjin Tians Group, who donated RMB 10 million to start the program;

- Jun. 13th: Together with Sohu.com, the China Red Cross Foundation began to raise funds from the public to support a rebuilding project for Shalan Central Primary School, which was destroyed during the flood in the Heilongjiang province. Over 1.2 Million RMB was collected for the project.

- Jun. 29th: Announcement of the "Little Angle Program", the first medical aid program to help the poor families to complete the medical treatment of their kids who are suffered from Leukemia;

- Aug. 10th: Announcement of the "Angle Program", which is to improve the public health condition in the rural area, including programs to set up village clinics, village doctor training, and heavy disease aid. China Unicom donated the first 1 Million RMB to support the program;

- Sept. 11th: First "Fraternity" village clinics was built up in Datang Village, Jiangxian, Guizhou province;
- Nov. 29th: Announcement of "Love of Angle Fund", which is a sub-fund of "Angle Program" that focuses on taking care of the kids who are suffered from Lower Limb Disabilities;

- Dec.: Partnering with a CCTV program "Happy Dictionary" to design a special program named, "There is love, there is hope "Pay attention to Leukemia kids", CRCF raised fund for RMB 1 Million and helped 12 Leukemia kids from poor families in the remote area.