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According to the statistics dd. Jul. 30th, 2008, CRCF (Chinese Red Cross Foundation) have received cash donations (calculated in RMB) in total RMB 1,281,567,800.00, in which RMB 240,335,400.00 has been spent, and the details are listed below



Amount (Yuan)



Transfer to Local Red Cross


RMB26,774,200.00 to Sichuan (provincial and city) Red Cross,

RMB 32,930,000.00 to Gansu (provincial) Red Cross,

RMB 1,000,000.00 to Shaanxi (provincial) Red Cross,


To rebuilt projects that have been appointed by the donor



To purchase materials that is best needed in the earthquake area, including the foldable bed, medicine, etc.



Aid of a small number of heavy disease children selected from the earthquake area



Other related costs


incl. the Travel, transportation, stationary costs, etc.



The remaining amount of the donation is RMB 1,041,232,400.00.


CRCF will apply the entire donation to the earthquake rebuilt, in which the proportion investment for Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi is 70%, 20%, 10% respectively in general.

Shanxi Province

CRCF will get in coupled with Nan Zheng county to sponsor the rebuilding projects there. And the total investment from CRCF is estimated to be RMB 60,000,000 on various rebuilding projects in the county. And detailed projects were still under estimation and selection process.

Gansu Province

CRCF was appointed to assist the rebuilding of Kang Xian county, Gansu Province. The total investment from CRCF in the first stage will be RMB 41,240,000, which will be remitted to Gansu Red Cross in 2 times. And the first 75% of the investment had been transferred. The fund will be use to rebuild of 14 villages (1807 families), to set up village clinics in each village, to sponsor the rebuild of 15 primary and middle schools, to sponsor the rebuild of 17 town hospitals.

Sichuan Province

CRCF confirmed the first 151 rebuilding projects in Sichuan province, including Chengdu, Mianyang, Ya An. And the projects contained the rebuilding of 7 villages, 36 primary and middle schools, 108 village clinics or town hospitals. The total investment mounted up to nearly RMB 200 Million. Most of them was in the stage of contract signing and would be founded very soon.

Statistics dd. Jul. 30th, 2008.

First Projects

1. First Village Clinics that is earthquake proof

The first project, a new earthquake-proof village clinics, was set up and put into use on Jun. 12th at Ya’An, Mianyang. This village clinics will serve for 5000 people living in the village and the nearby region.

2. First temporary houses

The first temporary living residence of 10000m2, comprised of 500 temporary houses, which cost RMB 5.3 Million, are built up at Deyang and victims are moving into the temporary houses from the tents from Jul. 14th on.

3. First schools will be rebuilt starting from the end of Jul.

Heqiang primary school, in Anxian, Mianyang, is the project that will be kicked off by the end of July.

The school is destroyed completely during the earthquake and it is the only center school of the county. The school is comprised of 6 grades of nearly 1000 students and a kinder garden of more than 350 kids.

The new school will need a main building, a dormitory for student and a dormitory for teachers, and a kinder garden.



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