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On May 12, a powerful earthquake devastated south-western China, leaving nearly 70,000 people dead and a further 15 million people displaced, a third of whom are now homeless. Thousands of aftershocks have been recorded.

Almost 400,000 people were injured in the quake, which damaged or destroyed 35 million homes in Sichuan province.

CRCF, under the guideline of Red Cross, immediately announced the emergency rescue and relief for the earthquake and special programs were developed to help those homeless victims to come back to their normal life physically and psychologically.

The earthquake programs include the following:

1. Rebuilding projects

There are three types of projects that CRCF will participate and all of them should be either in the village or in the town that serve the people that requests help the most.

Type1: To rebuild permanent houses or villages for victims;

Type 2: To rebuild village clinics or town hospitals;

Type 3: To rebuild schools.

2. 5·12 Office

CRCF will use RMB 20 Million from the donation to earthquake relief to sponsor selected projects or programs to be carried out by NGOs to rebuild (not necessarily hardware rebuild) earthquake damaged areas. And an office with name “5-12” is built up especially for the collection of application, arrange the selection, and to monitor the execution of the selected projects.

An Assessment Committee comprised of professionals from various fields will be responsible for the selection of the right programs or projects. For each application, the total financial aid is less than RMB 2 million, and the final aid amount allocated to different projects will be decided by the Committee.

3. Medical-aid programs especially for the children and the disabilities from the earthquake

- For Children with Lower Limb Disabilities

The “Running Angel Fund” initiated an aid program for disabled kids and orphans from the Wenchuan earthquake This was done in hopes of attracting people's attention and helping those poor kids stand up from deep pain and rebuild their new life.

- For other children suffered from severe disease, such as congenital heart disease, deaf, leukemia, cleft lip and palate

Within the framework of the "Angel Program", CRCF offers various sub-funds to help kids with severe diseases and disabilities, such as deafness, blindness, leukemia, congenital heart disease, cerebral palsy. Recently, all those funds have designed special policies to help the patients from earthquake disaster areas. A portion of the general donations received by CRCF will be used in these medical aid funds.

4. Other composite programs

“Let’s Go To School Together” : the target of the program is to first provide professional psychological services to the earthquake victims, and to later rebuild schools in the earthquake area and continue to help the schools and students that have been heavily affected by the disaster.



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