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Fraternity Schools

Education is the key to a bright future for a country. However, in the rural areas of China, there are still a large number of primary schools that are run down with facilities that are dangerously unstable. Because may of the schools are built from bricks and wood and necessary repairs are often neglected, many of the buildings have walls that have completely collapsed, roofs that leak, and support beams that have been broken. These poor conditions pose a serious safety issue and in many of the schools, prevent the classes from meeting in any weather that is less than perfect. In addition, even for those villages where the school buildings do not have severe problems, the classrooms are poorly equipped for teaching, lacking both books and computers.

What we can read?

Shakespeare said:"Books are the nutrient of the whole world; A life without books is like a life without sunlight; wisdom without books is like a wingless bird". For those children living in the rural areas, their life lacks the shine of books and their wisdom lacks the wings of inspiration.

Up till now, in the western part of China, especially in the poor rural areas, the education conditions are still very primitive. Due to the lack of funds, many schools can not even afford enough paper and chalk let alone the extra books, literature, experimental equipment, and computers (that are very commonly found in modern primary schools in large cities).

According to the report of rural schools by Luo Bo and Li Dongmei, famous journalists from Xinhua News Agency in August,2005—there are "No books in rural libraries for students". It is very common in the North-western countryside of China that farmers’ children do not have anything to read.

What is a computer?

Data from an investigation by education department of China shows that 80% of village schools do not have a computer. Most of the farmers’ children do not even know what a computer is. There is very little, if any, education on information technology in these rural schools. The most effective way to give village children a chance to access the world out side of their village is to provide them a computer to connect them to the Internet.

Fraternity Primary School

In order to guarantee that children study in safe and spacious houses, the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) set up a program called the "Fraternity Primary School" in 2005. The program has developed three components:

1) To build or rebuild primary school buildings;

2) To equip schools, culture centers, community libraries, and town hospitals in rural areas their necessities;

3) To equip computer rooms for schools in rural area.



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